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Mist Eliminator
   combined mist eliminator tubular and roof
   high temperature mist eliminator
   tubular mist eliminator for vertical gas flow
   tubular mist eliminator for horizontal gas flow
   mist eliminator for horizontal gas flow
   upgrade kit for tubular mist eliminator
   roof design
   flat design

combined tubular / roof

RPT's advanced solution for plugging and carry over problems - vertical gas flow


The combined tubular/roof mist eliminator is a full two level mist eliminator which is installed on a single layer support structure. The demister wash system - wash headers and pipe supports - is part of the supply.

This very compact design requires only 1500 mm of height including the supoort beam.

The three level mist eliminator is of particular interest for FGD that have to meet the future emission standards - lowest particulate emission. This design with a tubular and two lamella mist eliminator outperforms a conventional threee level lamella mist leiminator, but only has the height of 3300 mm including the support beams.

Function and characteristics:
  -  For separation in vertical gas flow
  -  As replacement for a coarse mist eliminator built from lamella
  -  As a complete third mist eliminator when upgrading from two to three levels
  -  Well be configured for the specific operating conditions
  -  2 or 3 levels of tubes
  -  Variable pitch of tubes

Advantages of RPT's design:
  • Lowest total height possible
  • No plugging and clogging
  • Very good separation performance
  • No upstream washing required
  • Simple and easy retrofit for existing FGD
  • No changes of steel structure or wall penetrations required

  • RPT's combination of a tubular coarse and one or two lamella fine mist eliminators is a very efficient and lowest cost concept for future FGD.

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