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Mist Eliminator
   combined mist eliminator tubular and roof
   high temperature mist eliminator
   tubular mist eliminator for vertical gas flow
   tubular mist eliminator for horizontal gas flow
   mist eliminator for horizontal gas flow
   upgrade kit for tubular mist eliminator
   roof design
   flat design

roof design

Single support structure for the two layer roof design

RPT's advanced mist eliminator desing for the high performance FGD at lower costs

The MEV 27/30 performance is the superior solution for the modern FGD. Its advantages are higher separation efficiency, lower susceptibility to foulling and clogging and excenllent performance at high gas velocities. The maximum velocity is at 8.5 m/s and thus much higher than for the MEV 25/40 standard.

The MEV 27/30 is also built as a two level mist eliminator system with usually three online washing systems. The second level applies the special separator profile with a "hook". This hook simulates a small pitch, therefore achieving a small limit drop size and also protects the separated slurry from reentrainment into the gas stream. The effects is a higher separation efficiency.

The double roof mist eliminator is a full two level mist eliminator which is installed on a single layer support structure. The demister wash system, including supports, may also be incorporated into the design.
it provides a very compact design; requring only 2500 -2600 mm of height.

Function and characteristics:
The double roof mist eliminator provides significantly improved process performance even when compared to other competitive roof designs.
this design includes a very low pressure drop, superior separation, even at high gas velocities up to 8 m/s, and a very reliabl performance.

Alternativa model design:
For special applications, the alternative of a inverted "double V" configuration is offered. The configuaration is ideally suited when the scrubber design has a minimal height above the mist eliminator.

Advantages of RPT's design:
  • Single level of support beams thus minimizing capital costs
  • Minimal height requirement thus reducing required overall scrubber height
  • Lower pressure drop
  • Superior separation of entrained moisture

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