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Mist Eliminator
   combined mist eliminator tubular and roof
   high temperature mist eliminator
   tubular mist eliminator for vertical gas flow
   tubular mist eliminator for horizontal gas flow
   mist eliminator for horizontal gas flow
   upgrade kit for tubular mist eliminator
   roof design
   flat design

Tubular mist eliminator

RPT's advanced solution for plugging and carry over problems - horizontal gas flow

This tubular mist eliminator for horizontal gasflow is made of vertical tubes with a pitch between 100 and 130 mm.
It can be installed as the replacement for a conventional lamella mist eliminator. This is a proven solution for the plugging problems often experienced in this lamella mist eliminator.
This tubular design can also be used as a pre-seperator installed in front of existing coarse lamella mist eliminator. In this case it serves as a third mist eliminator and significantly improves overall seperation performance.

Function and characteristics:
  -  For seperation in horizontal gas flow
  -  As replacement for a coarse mist eliminator built from lamella
  -  As additional pre-seperator in front of the coarse mist eliminator
  -  Well be configured for the specific operating conditions
  -  2 or 3 levels of tubes

Advantages of RPT's desing:
  • Resistant against plugging and clogging
  • Very good seperation performance
  • Integrated drain system
  • Complete framed model ready for installation
  • Simple and easy retrofit for existing FGD
  • No changes of steel structure or wall penetrations required

  • RPT's tubular mist eliminator is a very efficient and low cost concept for solving clogging problems or increasing the seperation performance in horizontal gas flow applications.

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