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   Kombinierter Rohr-Dach-Abscheider
   Hochtemperatur Tropfenabscheider
   Rohrabscheider für vertikale Gasströme
   Rohrabscheider für horizontale Gasströme
   Tropfenabscheider für horizontale Gasströme
   Verbesserung Einbausatz
   Dach Konstruktion
   Flach Konstruktion

Flach Konstruktion

Der MEV Tropfabscheider ist ein

 The MEV 25/40 standard is the conventional solution for the FGD. Its advantages are low cost and ease of installation. The mist eliminators work well when operated at gas velocities up to 4.0 m/s. The mist eliminator is limited by its maximum face velocity of 5.5 m/s.

The MEV 25/40 is built as a two level mist eliminator system with usually three online washing systems. The first (lower) level with a pitch of 40mm between two profiles and the second (upper) level with a pitch of 25mm.

The online washing systems are built from polypropylene pipes with polypropylene full cone nozzles and are operated through controlled valves external to the FGD tower (not scope of supply). The supports for the washing pipes are supplied as an integrated component of the MEV 27/30 performance and as special option for the MEV 25/40 standard.

RPT has registered several patents to protect the configuration of the roof type mist eliminator MEV 27/30 performance as well as the specail support system for the washing pipes of the MEV25/40 standard.

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